1 - The new Nookie Softcore fleece lined thermals are and look amazing. These will keep you warm whether you are dry or wet. Get yours in time for winter training!

2 - Boat production is very, very busy with a lot of orders in the system at the moment. Please keep this in mind when you order that it may be six weeks at least before your Vampire could be made.

3 - Purchasing off Polo Mania - we do most of our sales at competitions, by phone, via email, Facebook and many different ways of communication. However we don't have a purchasing website (yet) so please contact one of us from the Contact page to discuss our products or any purchases.

4 - Check out our new full Kevlar spraydecks! They are awesome!!.

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Polo Mania is a specialist supplier of quality canoe polo products including the world leading Vampire kayak range, the largest range of paddles (Brasca, Dynamo, Double Dutch plus more) and all other equipment required for canoe polo.

Polo Mania

We are your one stop canoe polo source as we can supply kayaks, decks, paddles, buoyancy aids and helmets. Our knowledge and experience mean that we can sort out what is the best equipment for you.

Please feel free to contact us for quotes or advice for funding purposes as we are more than happy to help out as we try to support canoe polo at all levels.

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